Meditation Sound Tracks

PLEASE NOTE: These meditations provide general information that may be helpful with a personal meditation practice.

  • There is no guarantee of any specific outcomes from these meditations.
  • They are for private use only.
  • They are not a substitute for professional guidance, healthcare or medication.


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Yoga Sequences for Home Use

Use Creative Flow yoga sequences to develop a regular, manageable yoga practice at home! Use the pdf documents to follow along at your own pace, with clear visuals and written instructions. Sequences include suggestions and options to help tailor the practice to your unique…

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Trauma-Informed Upgrade

Hi, I’m Brigitte Marsden, owner of Creative Flow. I strive to provide a safe, allergen-free space for my students as much as possible.

I attended a four day Trauma-Informed Yoga & Mindfulness training for yoga teachers in Halifax, NS June 8-11 2017, and I…

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