Reiki Master Brigitte Rivers offers Reiki trainings, including Reiki Level I, II and III.

Creative Flow owner Brigitte Rivers is a certified Usui Shiki Ryoho (traditional) Reiki Master. This gentle yet highly effective modality helps remove stagnant energy, promote relaxation, restore balance and support you on your wellness journey at every level of being.

Brigitte is an intuitive Reiki practitioner. Her background in Qi Gong and Therapeutic Yoga give her a depth of knowledge of anatomy and energy work, as well as a breadth of experience working therapeutically with many different health challenges.

Treatments are hands off with the client fully clothed, and if light touch is used it is only with full permission.

She has found private sessions tailored to her clients’ unique needs that combine Therapeutic Yoga with Reiki can be an effective combination. Yoga styles are based on clients’ needs and preferences.

Distance (one on one online) Reiki treatments are also available, with the option of including Distance Yoga. Distance sessions bring all of the benefits while prioritising your safety and convenience. With both in-person and distance (online) options, follow-up materials are provided for ongoing self-maintenance.

Please note: Reiki Practitioners do not diagnose or treat health conditions, nor do they prescribe treatment or medication.

Contact Creative Flow to find out more about treatment and training options.

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