Creative Flow owner Brigitte Rivers is a certified Usui Shiki Ryoho Advanced Reiki practitioner. This gentle yet highly effective modality helps remove stagnant energy, promote relaxation, restore balance and support you on your wellness journey at every level of being.

Brigitte is an intuitive Reiki practitioner. Sessions are hands off with the client fully clothed, and if light touch is used it is only with full permission.

She has found during private sessions tailored to her clients’ unique needs that combining Yoga with Reiki helps move stuck energy, preparing for a more effective treatment.

Distance Reiki sessions are also available, with the option of including Distance Yoga, bringing all of the benefits of healing Reiki energy while prioritising your safety and convenience. With both the in-person and distance options, follow-up materials are provided for ongoing self-maintenance.

Please note: Reiki Practitioners do not diagnose illness or prescribe treatment or medication.

Contact Creative Flow to find out how you can benefit from Brigitte’s unique blend of Yoga and Reiki.

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