Art Teacher

Adult art club Nov 2014



Would you like to develop your artistic skills? Are you looking for an experienced teacher for your art class or club? Art and design school graduate and qualified teacher Brigitte Marsden, BA Hons, PGCE offers art teaching to children, youth and adults in classroom, art club and art camp settings, as well as private classes and art activities for birthday parties and other events.

To find out more about how Creative Flow can help meet your requirements for art classes, clubs and events, contact Brigitte.

Quotes from Creative Flow Art Camp students

“What I learned today is: Take your time.” – SG

“I love zendoodle.” – AF

“I liked when we did our own magical trees.” – SG

“I learned a different style of art yesterday and it was fun to do.” – AL

“I liked doing the art project with the beads and chatting while we were doing it.” – RD